Craftsmanship for keys and master keys

Lost your keys?

A key breaks in the lock, the door slams while your car keys are still in the car or you cannot find your house keys anymore... It always happens at the wrong time. Fortunately, there is Sleutel Expres, where you can get just about any type of key made. Usually it may even be fast, while you wait!

Standard keys, security keys, car keys, ... We make them all!

In our studio we can almost make all types of locks and keys:
  • car keys of different brands
  • house keys and locks with single or multi-point lock security
  • keys and cylinders with ownership certificate
  • electric locks with automatic reset (eg. Intercom / videophone)
  • padlocks, code locks, ....

What you should bring?

Would you want to have a key made in our shop in Antwerp, it is sufficient to either bring the spare key, the ownership certificate or the unique key number. Is your key broken in the lock and you can not bring the key? No issue! Indeed, we are also locally available in Antwerp to replace locks!

Car keys reprints? Yes but…

Classic car keys, we can recreate them while you wait. Do you have a remote controlled car key? Also, we can make an extra key that allows you to manually open the car, but you will then still have to schedule a visit to the garage. The electrical coding of the transponder chip can namely be set only by an authorized dealer. But if you recreate your key at Sleutel Expres, at least you can get to the garage!

Prefer not to have a heavy bunch of keys?

Have you ever thought to replace some locks and to make a master key that you can open several locks? Opening different doors with one key in your home or office is very convenient! At Sleutel Expres, we can create both standard master keys that open all doors and smart tokens from our own facilities that provide limited access to the owner. Therefore we always start with a sophisticated locking plan where we clearly list what and who can open doors.

Need keys?

Want to create one key, one or more standard smart master keys? You are welcome in our store in the heart of Antwerp to discuss the various possibilities, your wishes and rates.