Our breakdown repair service is already on its way!


At Sleutel Expres, we make all kinds of keys and locks custom to your needs in our own studio in Antwerp. Key duplicates can be made often while you wait, but we are also the locksmith coming to fix your closed doors on location or place new locks.

In front of a closed door...

Keys still inside when the door closes behind you? Can you really not remember where you left your keys? Or worse, you had a visit by burglars and you urgently need new locks and keys? In all these cases locksmith Sleutel Expres is your lifesaver! Because we are locally throughout Antwerp to open the door for you, or to place your new locks so that unwanted visitors do not get them open.

We almost get any lock open

No worries, because even sophisticated security locks we generally get pretty quickly hacked. For you have arrived at an experienced locksmith who enjoys an excellent reputation since 1958. Even complex locks and locking systems do not deter us! We also include a lot of experience with:

  • mechanical locks with single or multi-point lock
  • special security locks for aluminum windows and doors
  • electric locks with controlled release (eg. doorphones)
  • security cylinders with ownership certificate
  • small and large padlocks (whether or not with certificate)

Also outside opening hours you can reach us!

Also outside opening hours you can reach us! For emergency locksmith interventions we are almost continuously reachable. Not 24/7, but as good as. We will be happy to visit you to install new locks or closed to open doors as soon as possible. Outside office hours and indeed throughout Antwerp.

Urgently need a locksmith in the Antwerp region?
Sleutel Expres is almost 24/7 available on
M 0475 26 12 99 or T 03 232 12 99!