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Always hands free

We know door carriers especially used in catering businesses, but also at home they can be installed with a door pump. Both interior and exterior doors can automatically close with a door pump system and so you have both hands free.

Placing yourself or have it installed by a professional?

Of course you can buy a door pump and install it yourself, but install your door pump by a specialist with knowledge of the facts, is certainly worth considering.

When purchasing a door closer you include a lot of choice in different systems with different clamping force. Which is expressed by 1 (20 kg) to 6 (120 kg), particularly taking into account the weight of the door in question. However, there are other factors that are best considered.

If you use Sleutel Expres to install your door pump, we will look first on the spot and analyze the situation before we decide which closing force is best suited. For example, we take into account the intensity of use and any wind or pressure. The pros and cons of various operating systems such as pushbuttons, key switches, remote control, card readers, etc ... we will discuss in detail with you. Then we will install at your site (in the Antwerp region) to ensure a balanced and almost silent closure.

Like a quotation?

One contact or visit to our store is sufficient to receive more information about the possibilities and prices. Or are you planning a site visit up immediately?